A thank you note – is it really necessary?

Face it, we all struggle with writing thank you notes.   And perhaps there is no time that this is more apparent then after the holidays.  In these days of electronic communications – phone calls, text messages, social media – it even really necessary to write a personal thank you any more? WHY A personal note is a classy gesture.  There are many quick ways to express your thanks, but a personal, handwritten note will stand out above any other forms and lets the recipient know that they are worth it and that they mean something to you.  It’s true that hand-written notes are becoming a thing of the past (thanks to so many forms of quick and easy electronic communications), but it is for that very fact that your hand-written note will be even more appreciated.  Think about going through your mail each day.  If you are like most Americans, the first items to be opened will be something in a nice envelope with a handwritten address! WHO Thank you notes are appropriate for holiday gifts, shower or wedding gifts, birthday gifts and even to express thanks for a kind gesture.  And a handwritten note for a job interview is always a must and one thing you can do to set your apart from all the other candidates.  However, don’t stop there.  Think about dropping a note in the mail to thank a hostess for a great party or even to offer congratulations or condolences. WHAT The hardest part of writing a thank you note is just getting started.  However, personal notes to not need to be overly complicated or lengthy.  As long as your message is sincere and heart-felt, the recipient will be appreciative. Keep a great set of personalized notes or cards on hand so that you aren’t scrambling to get to the store for some sort of notes every time you need to drop a thank you in the mail.  Taking advantage of stationery sales such as the buy one, get one free sale (BOGO) from Embossed Graphics Stationery, you can have personalized cards that cost far less than packaged cards at a discount store.  While the return address imprinting will add just a bit to the price of the stationery, it is always a classy touch to add to your order.  A great alternative is a personalized return address stamp. JUST DO IT Order yourself a set of personalized notes or cards and be prepared for occasions where a personalized note is appropriate.   But just do it!  Don’t overthink it or even worry about saying the wrong thing.  The fact th for the Embossed Graphics BOGO Sale good through February 2, 2015.at you took time to send a note will make it the write thing every time!


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